Frequently asked questions

What will the weather be like?

October is spring in South Africa, so days in the bush are warm and dry.

The entire celebration will take place outdoor/undercover.

It can be up to 33°C during the day and go down to 15°C at night.

So, for your comfort, wear light clothes for the day and think of a little jacket for the night.

You may also want to consider bringing a hat to protect yourself from the sun.


Is there a dress-code?

Not really. Any wedding-appropriate outfit will do.

Now, knowing that we will be in the middle of a park surrounded by giraffes and other African grazers,

if you want to dress a bit more greenish/dark beige/brown/light pink/burgundy for the occasion

it is entirely to your discretion. Also, nights are fresh in the wild, so bring a long a jacket just in case.


Will there be animals?

Wild animals (no carnivores, be reassured) are freely roaming the vast property. 

Please drive slowly (40km/h max) once passed the gate and be mindful of the animals.

Giraffes, gnus and antelopes are all wild and will most probably try to avoid us and the noise we make.


What is the closest airport?​ How to get there?

The closest airport is Johannesburg Lanseria, a small airport with national flight connexions north of Jo'burg.

For international flight connexions and more flight options, check out O. R. Tambo airport, Johannesburg.

For road directions, you can follow Google Maps by clicking this link.


Which type of car should we rent?​

South African roads are excellent.

If you wish to do some off-road safaris, we recommend you to opt for a cross-over car. 

Most roads (even in natural parks) are accessible with any type of cars.

If you do not wish to drive yourself, please let us know and we will put you in touch with local shuttle companies.


Special food requirements?

You are vegetarian or you are coming with children? 

If you or a member of your guest group is concerned by this point,

please indicate it in the registration form after clicking RSVP in order for us to plan accordingly.

Please find the link to the RSVP here


How can we book an accommodation?

On the "Accommodation" page, you will find various accommodation options: 

Airbnb, lodges, hotels, etc.

The Lunikhy Game Farm has the capacity of accommodating 50 guests

Laura & Claude have all rights reserved to communicate them the final guest list.

Priority will be given to close family & friends.

Past registration deadline, Lunikhy rooms' vacancies will be filled with guests according to their date of registration.


Do I need a visa to enter South Africa?

Most countries do not need any visas to enter South Africa (France & Switzerland included).

If you are not of French or Swiss origin, we recommend you to check on this list.

Please note that you need a valid passport for the duration of your stay. 

Also, most countries require your passport's validity to be 6 months longer than the duration of your stay.

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